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Why Choose Corporate English With Us

Improve your English communication skills for the corporate world with personalized lessons for busy professionals. 

Tailored Business English lessons for professionals

Our Corporate English program is designed specifically for professionals who want to enhance their English communication skills in a corporate setting.
Our experienced instructors will customize the lessons to meet your specific needs and goals.
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Practical Corporate English Courses Focused in Expanding Your vocabulary and phrases

Learn the language of the corporate world with our comprehensive curriculum customized for you that focuses on practical corporate english vocabulary and phrases. 

From presentations and negotiations to email writing and networking, we cover all aspects of effective business communication.

Build confidence in professional Business settings

Gain the confidence you need to communicate effectively in professional settings with your corporate english.

Our personalized lessons will help you improve your pronunciation, fluency, and cultural understanding, allowing you to navigate business interactions with ease and professionalism.

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Power English corporate english courses focus on improving various language skills, including speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Additionally, we emphasize vocabulary building, grammar mastery, and fluency enhancement to ensure comprehensive language development. We help you achieve the best version of yourself with english. 

Yes, Power English offers courses tailored to different proficiency levels, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced. We assess each student’s proficiency level and customize the course content to meet their specific needs and goals. We talk with the student and/or the company to align the goals.

Absolutely. We provide specialized training in areas such as business writing, presentations, negotiations, and other professional communication skills. Our courses are designed to equip employees with the language and communication strategies necessary for success in their respective fields. You’ll be able to speak coherently and with confidence. We want you to rule the floor!

Yes, we offer test preparation courses for various English proficiency exams and certifications, including TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge exams, and others. Our tailored curriculum and experienced instructors ensure that students are well-prepared to achieve their desired scores.

Right now we only teach Spanish/Portuguese speakers because we have material translated in all of these languages. We want our students to understand as fast as possible so they are able to communicate quickly. 

With over 12 years teaching, we have for sure worked with a company in your industry. Nonetheless, we talk with the students/HR to align goals so we teach you exactly what you need to succeed. 

With over 12 years teaching, we have for sure worked with a company in your industry. Nonetheless, we talk with the students/HR to align goals so we teach you exactly what you need to succeed. 

Our courses are primarily held online through our interactive e-learning platform. Students can access the courses from anywhere with an internet connection, making it convenient for remote learning. We do not have physical classroom locations.

We offer flexible scheduling options for online courses. Students can choose from a variety of time slots to fit their availability.

In-person courses are only available per case scenario, as we specialize in online instruction.

The course fee includes access to our comprehensive e-learning platform, which features interactive lessons, multimedia resources, practice exercises, and assessments. We have over 60 courses for students over excel with Power English.

You can check out our app and its courses here clicking here.

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