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We teach our students from Spanish to English. It's a translation method that is different from the way you have been teaching. Please watch the video below and apply if you want to learn a new way to teach english.

How it works

English teaching focused on automating what students think from spanish to english

Our students live in a latin american country. They listen, speak, read spanish everyday. It’s natural for them to be translating what they think from spanish to english. 

We automate that process and it is giving us great results, because everybody understands everything easier and they learn faster.

How It Works

The platform teaches the student the grammar so you, the outstanding teacher, makes them talk about the topic as well as have a high degree of conversational freedom. 

Student and Platform Interaction

They log in, read the quick lesson, play with the grammar.

Student and Teacher Interaction

They enter the class knowing the respective topic so you can focus on making them speak and write.


They all get access to an app called fluentu that has a library of more than 3,000 videos for them to listen to.

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Standard Methodology vs. Our Methodology

95% of our students are A1 - B1. Depending on their level of understanding, the classes may be in spanish, spanglish or in English.

What's wrong with everything in English

When all the content and the explanations are in English, the student doesn't understand the material and often times, it lowers their self esteem because they get frustrated.

Understanding through the difference

SInce everything is from spanish to english, our students understand everything faster and see the difference between the two languages.

Speaking through the automation

Since our students learn to automate what they think from spanish to english, they are able to express themselves in a wide array of topics and situations. Unlike the standard methodology where they learn to memorize frases.

The Classes

The classes are for adults in businesses.

1, 2 or 3 times per week

Our most common program is 2 times a week.

90 or 60 minute classes

Two 90 minute classes or three 60 minute classes for a total of 3 hours weekly or 12 hours per month.

4 or 6 months

The classes are usually 4 or 6 months but they often go to 9 months in many cases.

Private or Group Classes

1 - 6 people per class

No contracts for now

We only offer hourly pay for the classes that you do with an emitted bill.

You must be able to give an invoice/bill

This is a must!


We pay at the end of the month once we corroborate the hours that you taught with your bill.

The payments are done via payoneer. 

We pay $10 USD the hour.

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We care about experience but we care more about your awesomeness, energy and extrovertness.

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